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A natural smoke based extract product promoting soil activity and nutrient availability, effectively reducing pH while encouraging growth and stimulation of plants.

A completely organic product produced from acidic smoke extracts that emulate the positive effects of natural fires promoting soil reconditioning, overall plant health and a reduction in soil pH.

Compatible with most cultivated plant varieties excluding byrophytes such as mosses, liverworts and hornworts.

Can be applied by making up a 25% solution of Shield and applying direct to the soil avoiding foliage as much as possible while applying approximately 100-150 ml per m2 weekly.



Liquid Smoke Condensate, Polysorbate 80, Acetic Acid,

Water Shelf Life 2 years upon fulfilling ideal storage conditions. Ideal storage is at 20oC in a dry storage, well ventilated area.

Containers should be kept closed when not in use.


• Appearance: Transparent, amber brown liquid with a slight smoke odour
• Boiling Point: 100OC (212OF)
• Melting Point: N/A
• Specific Gravity: 1.06 g/mL (20OC)
• Freezing Point: N/A (100OC)
• Acidity: 2.0-4.0%
• Evaporation Rate: Comparable to Water
• Stability and water hardness: Stable in any degree of hard water
• pH of Concentrate: 2.2-2.6
• Benzo-a-pyren: Less than 10 ppb
• Benzo-a-anthracene: Less than 20 ppb Flash Point: None to solution boiling point
• Flammable Limits: Lower: N/A Upper: N/A
• Auto IgnitionTemperature: N/A


Smoke extracts are being increasingly investigated to determine if they can be used to reduce the demand on agrichemicals. Wood vinegar, a similar extract, is used across Asia as a supplement to assist with the growth and protection of cultivated plant species.

In Australia the use of different pyrolysis extracts has been successfully used to improve germination in Australian natives, and increase the carbon content in farm soils, however, the use of other extracts from liquid smoke condensate is uncommon.

This study sets to examine the effects of highly concentrated liquid smoke extract Regen Shield and its application within the production nursery, with particular focus on the plant safety and growth benefits that have been reported in the literature on other similar smoke extracts. High concentration doses (25% v/v) of Regen Shield diluted with water were applied to a variety of plant species in a wholesale production nursery. Doses higher than usually recommended for wood vinegar were examined to determine if there was any observable negative impact on the tested plants.

The application was conducted weekly by spraying, with long term subjects exposed to the mixture for a period of up to 4 months to evaluate any long term effect. The trials concluded that even at high concentrations the solution was safe for the vast majority of tested species. Only one cultivated species seemed to show signs of damage. Camelia Buttons n Bows (Camellia japonica) showed potential damage to the newly flowering buds. No other damage was recorded on any of the other cultivated species. Liverwort, typically known as a horticultural pest that thrives in production nursery conditions, was shown to be significantly impacted by the smoke extract applications.

After spraying pots and trays of tubes, the highly entrenched liverwort was harmed within two once-weekly applications. This study also showed that it may prevent the emergence of liverwort on freshly potted soils. If members of the Bryophyte family are desirable, the application of Regen Shield may be unsuitable.

The long term subjects that repeatedly received smoke extract exposure over the 4 month period, showed a significant growth benefit over the control plants. This aligns with the application advantages reported in documented literature. Smoke extract applications, even at high dosages, show that the product is safe for use on many cultivated plant varieties. The effects observed through Regen Shield applications show it may be a useful natural alternative for the production nursery industry.

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