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The Regen 2000 range of products are produced via a highly specialised commercial manufacturing process designed for the supply of liquid smoke flavouring for the food industry. This process uses only a very select choice of hardwood species drawn from sustainable timber sources.The timber is dried and roasted in order to obtain the correct moisture content and temperature burn.The aerosol (gaseous) phase is then extracted and channelled through an absorption tower, whereby water is added to the smoke to secure the necessary smoke compounds upon the liquid carrier. From this point the smoke is filtered and distilled to remove any unwanted Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s e.g. Benzo(a)pyrene).

Regen 2000 offers a range of sustainably sourced, natural germination, soil conditioning and plant
health product solutions, suitable for smaller and larger scale applications and available in both liquid and dry forms. 


Similar in composition to Germinator, Regen 2000 Smoke Vermiculite has been developed with a stronger concentration of smoke compounds for a variety of broadacre applications including revegetation direct seeding projects for councils and mining sites, addition to fertilizers and other forms of growing media

+ Improves & increases uniformed germination rates

+ Promotes healthy & accelerated seedling growth

+ Improves germination rates of difficult species

+ Induces plant fungal infection response


Regen 2000 Firestik Recharge is a natural plant derived smoke extract, commonly known as liquid smoke, used as a bio-stimulant for improving plant quality and yields through nutrient uptake and tolerance to abiotic stresses.

Acts as a biological trigger for improved plant performance 

Assists with enhancing plant protein, carbohydrates and chlorophyll contents
+ Assists with increasing length and fresh weight
of roots and shoots, number of leaves, total leaf area and stem thickness
+ Promotes plant antioxidant activity for improved resilience to abiotic stresses


Regen 2000 Firestik Seed Starter is a water-soluble liquid smoke extract, containing many beneficial smoke compounds proven to trigger germination and early plant development.

Improves & increases uniformed germination rates

+ Promotes healthy & accelerated seedling growth & root development
+ Induces plant fungal infection response


Regen 2000 Biochar is a completely natural form of organic carbon that can improve soil quality, structure and plant health. 

Produced using only sustainably sourced hardwood timber via a controlled pyrolysis process, Regen 2000 Biochar offers a stable matrix which will remain in the soil for thousands of years. Being a highly porous structure, biochar has the ability to absorb and store nutrients, water and beneficial microbes while increasing soil carbon levels.

+ Improves root development & growth

+ Improves soil fertility, structure & water retention

+ Enhances nutrient retention & availability

+ Increases soil carbon

+ Reduces soil emissions & odour


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