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Regen 2000 Germinator is a dry granulated form of smoked vermiculite, specifically designed to release smoke compounds once water is applied.


+ Improves & increases uniformed germination rates

+ Promotes healthy & accelerated seedling growth

+ Improves germination rates of difficult species

+ Induces plant fungal infection response

Nursery (Native & Exotic Seeds)

Regen 2000 Germinator has the same density and consistency as commercial vermiculite and is suitable for hand or mechanical spreading applications to seed or tube stock trays.

Product Code: SBREGGER

Pack Size: 25L


Regen 2000 Germinator

For best results, sowing and smoking should be carried out when germination is most likely to occur.

Once water is applied, the smoke is released onto the growing medium, depositing the required level of smoke compounds onto the surface to be drawn down onto the seed testa.

Seed Tray           

  • 120g to 1 sqm


Note: This is equivalent of 100 ml of Regen 2000 Smokemaster to 1 sqm stock trays.

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