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A versatile water treatment solution. Vibrex is a stabilised Chlorine Dioxide Sanitising agent which can be employed in a number of industries to maintain disease free conditions for your water supply.


Vibrex, a stabilised chlorine dioxide, is becoming the most accepted and viable broadspectrum sanitiser of today. It can be used across a range of industries to help maintain disease-free conditions in situations such as propagation, wash water sanitising and used as a hard surface sanitiser, keeping bacterial, algal and fungal growth under control.

Vibrex can also be used as a regular water treatment option, for the control of common nursery pathogens, such as Fusarium, Pythium and Phytophthora, and is the only sanitiser proven to control biofilm build up. Unlike other sanitisers, Vibrex will work over a broad pH range regardless of organic and bacterial loadings. This enables Vibrex to be used in all forms of water treatment including recycled water, tank rain water, reclaimed creek water, bore water and dam water.

Vibrex’s versatility also enables uses such as drenching soil beds, foliar treatment and post-harvest treatment to protect against all forms of viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Key Benefits

•  Broad spectrum biocide
•  Effective against biofilms
•  Effective against spores
•  2.6 times the oxidising capacity of chlorine
•  Low concentration and contact times
•  Works over a broad pH range
•  Minimal effect from organic loadings

•  Biodegradable and safe to the
•  Does not form harmful by-products
•  Microorganisms unable to develop resistance
•  Cost effective and easy to use
•  APVMA, FSANZ & NASAA Approval

Vibrex Application Guidelines (CV7.5 & Bioplus 7.5)

Bioplus 7.5 Blue drum

Bioplus 7.5

Vibrex Activator H9

Vibrex Activator H9

Vibrex Application Guidelines (Hortiplus)

Vibrex Application Guidelines Hortiplus Bioplus 5
Hortiplus sanitiser

Vibrex Hortiplus Sanitiser

Activator H3

Vibrex Activator H3

Activator P6

Vibrex Activator P6

Vibrex Application Guidelines (Horticare & Bioplus 3)

Vibrex Horticare Sanitiser

Activator P6

Vibrex Activator P6

Vibrex Activator M12

A brief Methodology is outlined below:
1. See Chart above and volume of water requiring treatment before determining dosage rates
2. To prepare sanitation solution please mix in a measuring jug at the above chemical rates – 1:1 for the Activator and Vibrex solution
3. Slightly agitate the solution and let it set for at least 10 minutes to completely activate the Chlorine Dioxide
4. Safety Disclaimer – Minimise exposure and use suitable respiratory equipment as a small portion of gas will be produced during this activation
5. Add the Activated solution to the water requiring treatment (e.g. For drinking water a 100L tank requiring 1ppm would need an activated solution containing 5ml Activator & 5ml Vibrex)
6. Agitate final solution and record residual concentration after at least 5 minutes
7. Use a Grayson certified Photometer or Low-level test kit to check residual concentration which should be sitting between indicated range in table (Contact Grayson Australia if assistance is required for use of Testing kit)
8. Always recalibrate against the test kit reading to ensure adequate sanitation. If concentration is too LOW – use additional Activator when mixing solution. If that does not help the residual – use a higher rate of both chemicals until residual is reached.
9. If water is not turned over within two days – repeat steps 1-7 to re-treat the water to ensure adequate sanitation.

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