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A versatile water treatment solution. Vibrex is a stabilised Chlorine Dioxide Sanitising agent which can be employed in a number of industries to maintain disease free conditions for your water supply.



Vibrex is suitable to be used as a primary water treatment option for common nursery pathogens such as Fusarium, Pythium and Phytophthora as well as controlling bio-film growth.
The versatility of Vibrex also enables uses such as drenching soil beds, foliar treatment and post harvest treatment to protect against all forms of virial, fungal and bacterial germicides.

Vibrex is excellent in Nurseries, Hydroponics, Market gardens & post harvesting – flowers, fruit, vegetables, grapes & mushrooms


Used not just as a broad-spectrum sanitiser, but can be used as for regular water treatment in many industries proving to be an extremely effective antimicrobial.
Unlike other sanitisers, Vibrex will work over a broad pH range regardless of organic and bacterial loadings. This allows it to be used in all forms of water treatment including recycled water.

Enables the protection against all forms of virial, fungal and bacterial germicides. Vibrex is excellent in Breweries, Wineries, Piggeries, Hatcheries and Animal boarding facilities.

Food Processing

Vibrex has proven effective in a number of food based industries with recent developments in wash water sanitation for fruits and vegetables facilitating better quality goods in production with improved shelf life.

Being a wide-spectrum biocide, it is capable of dramatically reducing the bacterial load in water supplies with the added benefit of having simple application with resilience to water conditions such as pH.

Additional Uses

Vibrex has wide variety of other uses such as a disinfectant for hard surfaces and airborne pathogens classed as a non-rinse sanitiser.
Chlorine dioxide being a strong oxidant is also able to facilitate removal of Iron & Magnesium and provide offal protection, boot dips, cooling treatment and sanitise vehicles and machinery.

Vibrex is excellent in Dairies, Meat Rooms, Bottle Plants, Refrigerated areas and other environments.


Water Treatment and Biofilm Control

Vibrex is excellent at sanitising irrigation water and removing/preventing biofilms. This will ensure nozzle/pipe blockages no longer occur and also safeguard against any bacteria, fungi, viruses or protozoa present in the water supply. Making it a safe working environment for staff/employees. Destroys common disease, causing pathogens such as E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Cryptosporidium and Campylobacter.

Hard Surface Non-Rinse Sanitation and Disinfection

Vibrex is classed as a non-rinse sanitiser, this means it’s ideal for glasshouse disinfection, boot dips, tools or any other hard surface that may require sanitation.

Post-harvest Sanitation

Vibrex can be utilised during harvesting and packaging to protect against viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens. Post-harvest washing with Vibrex will greatly reduce spoilage pathogens, resulting in prolonged shelf life.

Iron & Manganese Removal from Water

Vibrex can easily and effectively remove soluble iron and manganese ions from water by precipitation followed by filtration. These metallic ions commonly result in staining, turbidity and taste issues in the water supply. While safely removing the metallic ions, Vibrex will also disinfect the water for a complete water treatment solution.

Disinfects the water by inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that may be present.

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