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Working towards a cleaner world

Grayson Australia is a privately owned company with a corporate head office located in Melbourne and a production facility in Gippsland, Victoria. The Gippsland facility was initiated in an effort to support regional infrastructure and local employment.



Established in 1986, Grayson Australia began its journey, supplying a range of innovative smoke flavours and specialised sanitation alternatives to local and international food manufacturers. Initially these products were designed to improve productivity, however over-time this technology has become appreciated more so for reducing industries carbon footprint and providing carbon neutral solutions.



In 1999, through horticultural research in South Africa and further trials conducted in Western Australia by Kings Park, it was identified that smoke compounds, within liquid smoke, improved regeneration and germination of a wide range of Australian native flora. This horticultural advancement received worldwide support and recognition for future improvements within mining and horticultural industries. A range of germination products were quickly developed and marketed under the Regen 2000 trademark. 


Moving forward, with an understanding of smoke technology and the determination to offer customers a sustainable range of products via a closed loop manufacturing process, Grayson Australia began researching the use of raw materials derived from the production of liquid smoke. This development expanded the Regen 2000 range, offering the horticultural industry further natural alternatives for improved plant and soil health. 



In 2007 Grayson Australia further diversified into sanitation and pathogen control, supplying Vibrex, a range of chlorine dioxide, water treatment solutions for industries to assist in maintaining disease-free conditions within propagation, post-harvest and animal husbandry for drinking water. 



Grayson Australia has always been committed to developing clean and sustainably produced, product solutions. As a result, most recently Regen 2000 Firestik was launched for broadacre regenerative agriculture. Firestik has been designed to replicate natures bushfire regeneration process by triggering many beneficial effects on the soil.


Years of ongoing research and development, has enabled Grayson Australia to offer its customers the choice of using naturally derived alternatives for achieving carbon neutrality.

Working towards a cleaner world

Through an understanding of smoke technology and with a determination to achieve carbon neutrality, Grayson Australia is committed to ‘working towards a cleaner world’.

  • Offering healthier smoke flavouring options to customers, through innovative ingredient choices
    and local manufacturing.
  • Utilising by products generated from the manufacturing process to further develop and supply

natural alternatives, supporting the horticultural industry and applications into broadacre and
regenerative agriculture.


working towards a cleaner world



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35+ years

providing smoke flavour solutions to the food industry


contribution in the water treatment and sanitations area


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