Over 35 years experience, providing smoke flavour solutions to the food industry

Need innovative food, water and horticultural treatments?


Over 35 years experience, providing smoke flavour
solutions to the food industry

From hickory smoked chicken breasts to BBQ sauces, Grayson’s natural smoke range allows you to conveniently replace the traditional smoking process without sacrificing flavour, colour formation or browning capabilities.

Suitable for a wide range of products from processed meat to liquid sauces and marinades.

It is also available in a dry powder form for applications in snacks and dry mixes along with an oil based formulation for addition to cheeses, canned foods and dry sausages.


+ Sauces

+ Marinades and rubs

+ Seasonings and snacks

+ Plant based products

+ Processed meats and snacks

+ Convenience foods

+ Pet food treats and seafood


Grayson’s natural smoke is the direct result of condensing cleaned natural wood smoke vapour with water, to produce a range of high quality smoke flavours.

By varying the type of wood chips that creates the smoke vapour or simply adjusting the concentration, we can develop products with unique taste and colour profiles.

Liquid smoke also has the additional benefit of acting as both an antioxidant and antimicrobial agent, helping to preserve food and extend shelf life of products.


+ Improved productivity and efficiency

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Greater consistency in colour and flavour

+ Adjustable flavour strengths and profiles

+ Versatile application

+ Longer shelf life


External smoke application offers flavour, colour and preservation qualities. This would include hams, sausages, poultry, seafood and jerky.

Application Rate: 1 part smoke to 2 parts water. 

Pack Sizes: 20kg & 220kg Drums Mallee Ash, Royal A, Native Hickory and Deli Black.


These smokes are highly effective when applied internally to increase smoke flavour consistency throughout the product and to ensure no premature loss of nitrates or effect on binding properties.

Application Rate: Emulsion 0.2-0.5g per kg. Pumping pickle 1-2% by volume.

Pack Sizes: 20kg & 220kg Drums Sugar Gum, Royal S, Ham Flavour GF (10kg only), Snow Gum and Honey Myrtle.


Grayson’s dry smoke powders are ideal for enhancing the natural flavour of food. Smoke powders can be easily applied directly to the surface or as an emulsion and are suitable for blending with snack seasonings, meat rubs, stuffings and dry curing mixes.

Application Rate: 0.5 -1.5g per kg finished product.

Powder Pack Size: 10kg Buckets.


These products give you the flavour of smoke without the colour formation. With a unique, subtle smoke flavour and natural antioxidant properties, smoke oils are particularly popular in snack foods, cheeses, dry sausages, canned foods and canned vegetable dishes where a smoke flavour is desired.

Application Rate: 0.2 – 1.2g per kg finished product.

Oil Pack Sizes: 18kg & 195kg Drums.


Golden Roast offers products a rich roasted appearance without extensive cook time or impact on flavour profile. Application can be on poultry, roasted meats, bakery items, fish and microwaveable products.

Application Rate: 1 part Golden Roast to 2 parts water.

Pack Sizes: 20kg & 220kg Golden Roast



White Lightning is a natural antimicrobial agent with no E number, proven to inhibit bacterial growth upon application to offer increased  shelf life and to improve overall product quality. White Lightning can be easily applied to fresh meat, poultry, seafood and small goods.

+ All natural product
+ Easy to apply
+ Cost effective
+ No impact on flavour or nutritional value

Pack Sizes: 20kg & 220kg White Lightning

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