Over 35 years experience, providing smoke flavour solutions to the food industry

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Over 35 years experience, providing smoke flavour
solutions to the food industry

Advantages of smoke flavouring vs traditional smoking

Grayson Australia’s liquid smoke flavours are a direct result of condensing, clean wood smoke vapour with water via a closed loop manufacturing process, to produce a range of high-quality smoke flavours without the emissions to atmosphere.

Additionally, liquid smoke has the benefit of acting as both an antioxidant and anti-microbial agent, assisting in preserving food and extending shelf life.

+ Shorter production time and higher yields
+ Greater consistency of colour and flavour
+ Adjustable flavour and colour options
+ No tar deposits in the smoking chamber
+ Less cleaning costs

+ No wood or open flame in production areas
+ Reduced emissions and chemical use
+ Extended shelf life
+ Sustainably sourced

All food grade ingredients blended or manufactured by Grayson Australia are certified Halal and Kosher and suitable for vegan preparations. 


+ Improved productivity and efficiency

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Greater consistency in colour and flavour

+ Adjustable flavour strengths and profiles

+ Versatile application

+ Longer shelf life



+ Sauces

+ Marinades and rubs

+ Seasonings and snacks

+ Plant based products

+ Processed meats and snacks

+ Convenience foods

+ Pet food treats and seafood

External smoke application offers flavour, colour and preservation qualities. This would include hams, sausages, poultry, seafood and jerky.

These smokes are highly effective when applied internally to increase smoke flavour consistency throughout the product and to ensure no premature loss of nitrates or effect on binding properties.

Grayson’s dry smoke powders are ideal for enhancing the natural flavour of food. Smoke powders can be easily applied directly to the surface or as an emulsion and are suitable for blending with snack seasonings, meat rubs, stuffing’s and dry curing mixes.

These products give you the flavour of smoke without the colour formation. With a unique, subtle smoke flavour and natural antioxidant properties, smoke oils are particularly popular in snack foods, cheeses, dry sausages, canned foods and canned vegetable dishes where a smoke flavour is desired.

Golden Roast offers products a rich roasted appearance without extensive cook time or impact on flavour profile. Application can be on poultry, roasted meats, bakery items, fish and microwaveable products.

Smoke naturally has high anti-microbial properties against bacteria. This makes smoke a clean safe product to prevent bacteria in meat products without the need for chemicals, increasing production efficiencies and shelf life.

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