What is liquid smoke?

When people mention smoked food, most of us think of cooking over a charcoal grill or a wood smoker. But what if you could enjoy the smoky flavours without firing up the grill and what if you want to add that smoky taste to your favourite cheese or whiskey? The answer is simple… liquid smoke. […]

Biofilm Water Sanitation

Biofilms are slimy layers of microorganisms that stick to wet surfaces. They may cause up to 80 percent of infections. What is biofilm? Biofilm is a complex network of microorganisms that attach themselves to surfaces for the purpose of reproduction and survival. Once attached, they form extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) which are very tough polysaccharides […]

Fire Stik Farming

Over 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, indigenous people practiced a special form of environmental reform known as cultural burning. Cultural burning, identified by Australian archaeologist Rhys Jones in 1969, is the practice of regularly and systematically burning patches of vegetation used in Australia to facilitate hunting, to reduce the frequency of major bush-fires, and to change the composition […]