When people mention smoked food, most of us think of cooking over a charcoal grill or a wood smoker.

But what if you could enjoy the smoky flavours without firing up the grill and what if you want to add that smoky taste to your favourite cheese or whiskey?

The answer is simple… liquid smoke.  A quick, easy solution for infusing the taste of smoked foods, without the smoke.

Liquid smoke is very easy to use. You don’t need any fancy tools or cooking skills, just one or two drops into sauces, marinades and dips or it can be diluted using water or vinegar to brush onto your favourite cut of steak, fish or veggie, for a boost of smokiness.

Liquid smoke is a concentrated product and we highly recommended starting with a little at a time, until you achieve the perfect flavour. If the flavour becomes bitter and overpowering, it generally means, it is too strong.

Is liquid smoke natural?

Liquid smoke is a natural product, put simply ‘smoke on water’, manufactured using a range of hardwoods, sustainably sourced as by-products from lumber yards. The timber is then roasted at high temperatures to produce the smoke, which is passed into an absorption tower with water. Harmful products are then removed and re-used back into the process as fuel. From there the liquid smoke is distilled and filtered to remove any further impurities resulting in a clean natural liquid smoke.

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