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Chlorine Dioxide can be produced by activating a stabilised ClO2 source with an acid or oxidising agent. The stabilised Chlorine Dioxide is generated at a dilute rate before being fed into the process at low concentrations. Given adequate mixing and distribution, the bactericidal effects of Chlorine Dioxide will eliminate any harmful pathogens with minimal contact time compared to other conventional biocides. 

Chlorine Dioxide can be generated in a number of ways: 

Batch dosing: Manual activation via mixing of the two required reagents together to produce Chlorine Dioxide which can then be added to your water source.

Automated dosing: Two reagents are dosed through a reaction chamber enabling generation of Chlorine Dioxide which is then injected into the process based on flowrate or residual concentration feedback.

Grayson supports a number of usage methods to suit various applications and different scale operations. For larger systems we encourage automated units to be employed. 

For other feed options or more information please contact a Grayson Australia representative.

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