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Providing excellent results in growth regulation, seed germination, seedling stress and as a plant stress antioxidant. Our Regen products are formed from the pyrolysis of selected hardwood timber resulting in required smoke derived compounds with many beneficial effects for growing plants.


Through horticultural research in South Africa and further trials in 1999 conducted by Kings Park, Western Australia, it was identified that smoke compounds within liquid smoke replicated natures bushfire regeneration process, triggering many beneficial effects, including germination, promotion of plant health and reconditioning of the soil to maximise growth without releasing the emissions to atmosphere associated with fire.

Regen 2000 offers a range of sustainably sourced, natural germination and soil conditioning product solutions.


• Improved germination rates
• Faster propagation
• Greater uniformity of germination
• Healthier seedlings
• Reduced incidence of fungal infection
• Easier propagation of difficult to germinate species
• Ideal as a bulking agent
• Can be utilised on both a small and large scale
• Completely natural product

The Regen 2000 germination range offers natural propagation solutions for both native and exotic species. Each containing smoke compounds, which improve the number of seeds germinated and consistency of germination. suitable for both small and large scale applications in a range of settings, including nurseries, hydroponics, market gardeners, councils, highway revegetation projects or land remediation projects.

Improved germination rates: Smoke contains a group of natural germination inducing compounds known as KAR’s, which have been proven to improve germination rates in both native and exotic species.
Faster propagation: Not only does smoke improved the amount of seeds that germinate, it also improves the speed with which they germinate.
Greater uniformity of germination: Due to the increased germination rates, a far higher uniformity in the rate of germination is observed.
Healthy seedlings: Smoke contains many complex chemicals, some of which have antibacterial and antifungal effects, such as phenols and organic acids. These compounds help keep the seedlings healthy and strong by preventing disease.
Reduced incidence of fungal infection: Smoke contains many antifungal compounds that reduce the incidence of fungal disease.
Improved propagation of difficult species: Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that smoke improves the germination rate in many difficult to propagate species, both native and exotic, which allows the seedlings to grow uninhibited.
Completely natural product: Smoke induced germination has occurred in Australia for millennia. This completely natural process has now been harnessed to provide natural, chemical free propagation.
Suitable for both small and large scale applications: Regen 2000 Germinator and Smokemaster are perfectly suited for propagation nurseries and hydroponics, while Regen 2000 Vermiculite is the preferred option for land remediation programs, particularly for old mine sites.



A simple to apply soil conditioner containing high organic matter fostering healthy roots and better crop yields.
It will also enable a longer period of nutrient retention decreasing the runoff during rainfall.



A natural smoke based extract product promoting soil activity and nutrient availability, effectively reducing pH while encouraging growth and stimulation of plants.



A naturally derived wood product known as pyroligneous acid that has been infused with high quality hardwood smoke providing a range of benefits in soil treatment and growth yields.



Smoke is renowned for its many beneficial properties but primarily for its germination benefits. Comes in both liquid and granulated varieties allowing for versatile applications suited to your needs.

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